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  • Alkalinity Increaser for Pool WaterAlkalinity Increaser for Pool Water



Use as needed to raise total alkalinity levels to the safe (non-corrosive) zone.

Stops eye irritation, equipment corrosion, and plater etching caused by low alkalinity.

Stabilizes pH balance in pool water and eliminates the demand for unusually large amounts of pH adjusters.

Enables chlorine to work more effectively.

Recommended Dosage: Use 1-1/2 lbs. of Alkalinity Increaser to raise the alkalinity approximately 10 ppm.

Size Price Price / lb.
5 lbs.
$ 29.00 $ 5.80
10 lbs. $ 39.00 $ 3.90
25 lbs
$ 69.00 $ 2.76

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pH Reducer

Alkalinity Increaser


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