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Frequently Asked Questions

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do you need sand if you are using the gorilla protection?
My Inground pool is 38" deep can the top step be left off?

Other - Pools

Canceling or Returning a Pool or other item.

Pool FAQ

How will I get warranty service for my new pool?
Can someone contract a disease from a Pool?
How much does it cost in electricity to operate a pool?
Limited Warranty Terms and Conditions

Soft-Sided Pools

I was hoping you can answer my questions, can I use salt water with the Pro-Series Soft Side pools. and also can I half bury the pool. Thanks for all your help, Laura.

Customer Product Questions

Is the stainless wheelchair compatible with a bromine pool?
Is the arm height adjustable on the stainless steel wheelchairs?
Hi, do you ship to Canada? In quebec!
Is it safe for above ground pools? Will it ruin the liner?
what is the diameter of this pool
Is the Tahitian 18'x40', 54" deep above ground pool buttress free?
What is the dia. of the 54 inch Tahitian pool and is the filter that comes with it sand.
What is the actual water height of a 48 inch pool? Can it be adjusted to accommodate smaller children? My son is 47 inches tall and I would like him to be able to stand and play in the pool
who installs the slide, if the buyer is responsible, could you recommend an installer located in my area. I live in Mission, South Dakota
Can I get credit for the filter system and ladder? I am replacing a pool and have recently replaced the filter system which I can use on this one as it is new.
Is this pool made for salt ?
My father is 300+ lbs... is there anything like this that he could use?
can this pool can be installed semi in ground. Do i have to use anything for part under ground or just dirt
How do u convert to this pump from the on side pump that comes with the pool? i have a Pro Series pool...thanks
How do u convert to this pump from the on side pump that comes with the Pro Series pool?
is this good for 10,000 gallons of water a 21 above ground pool
Does the Easy Pool Step entry System contain steps from outside of the pool and also steps into the water? Thank you for your time. Best regards, Pat
Do you have a Showroom?
How much gph does the 1.5 pump move??
Can this be used with Blue Lagoon 15 ft X 52 in. ???
Does this pool with stand the elements of a midwest winter with out declining the life time of it or the material of the product ?
Do u just add 2 if ur pool is bigger than 25000 gallons?
Is this chair approved by the coast guard
Are the blue lagoon pools made in America? Ty
What company manufactures the Belize pool
We live in St. George. Do you have people who will install?
How many leg on a 24 foot pool
these pools do come with a pump dont they?
can this pool be left up year-round
do you think this will be able to climb the steep slopes of our pool?
can u put it half inground
Is there any warranty on the pumps?
Can I buy the Riviera 15X30 salt water without the filter/pump? Or can I upgrade to a stronger pump?
Is this a good pool for a salt water system? Can I buy this without the pump/filter or can I upgrade the pump/filter?
What is the voltage of the cleaner? V120 OR V220 Regards
hey, what's a pool cove?
I am looking for a 18" x 33" oval pool that I can put a deep end in. Is this something that you carry?
If the ground is dug out can the liner be stretched to 7 or 8 feet at one end?
Which filter pump model does this unit come with? It says a filter cartrige but shows a sand filter?????
Is it possible to get this accessible for handicap?
can this lift be used on a wooden deck if deck is re-enforced?
Is the frame on this metal?
Can I use a saltwater filtration system with this pool?