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We have an 18' above ground vinyl lined pool with a Hayward Salt Filter.I am seriously considering changing to a salt chlorinaton system butwant to make sure that this is adaptable to my pool system. Does thissystem automatically keep the PH and Sanitation at the proper levels?Would I still need to treat the pool to prevent algae growth, etc. Othersalt chlorination systems I have looked at are incorporated in the plumbingwith the filter system. How does the Saltron work independently?I don't know of anyone in my area that sells the salt chlorination system...if it is such a good thing, why don't the pool dealers sell it?

Hello Blake and thank you for your question. The system will not automatically put your pool's water chemistry in balance. Before the unit is installed, the chemical levels must be at the proper levels to begin with. After periodic use of the pool and due to the sun, rain, evaporation & topping off the pool water, a homeowner may need to add chemicals to get the water chemistry back in check. Chlorine generators make chlorine which is not pH related, so you will still want to monitor and maintain your pH level. The light salt water is also very nice on the skin. The Saltron Chlorine Generator for Pools works independently from the pump & filter system due to it having its own cells built into the unit. There are similar small systems for hot tubs that also do not require being installed in the water line. You may not be able to find it within their area due to local pool shops not having the capability of purchasing this unit (their suppliers may not offer it).