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  • Dolphin 2x2 pool cleanerDolphin 2x2 pool cleaner


Like all Dolphin™ cleaners, the 2x2 is a computer-controlled robotic cleaner that vacuums and scrubs any shape pool up to 120 feet in length and maneuvers around ladders, drains, and stairs. The unit has its own filtration system so it will never clog up your pool's pump or filter.

The Dolphin™ 2x2 will operate in automatic or manual mode. In the automatic mode the unit memorizes the pool's dimensions and computes a precise path to clean your entire pool, including the walls. The unit operates with a choice of cycles, including floor, 4-, 6-, and 8-hour cycles. In the manual phase, the wireless remote control unit allows the operator to guide the 2x2 to spot clean areas that need extra attention. It also allows the operator to program the unit for variable data such as pool length, pool shape, cycle time, delayed start, and wall or floor cleaning.

Since the Dolphin™ 2x2 operates on 24 volts, it is completely safe and economical to run. Its powerful motor can filter up to 8,466 gallons per hour and the unit is backed by a 18-Month Warranty* in the US, Canada, and Mexico. (Warranty does not apply outside these countries.) The 2x2 comes complete with 131 feet of cord, caddy, 2 filter bags, wireless remote control unit, and a digital power supply with LED full bag indicator. Patented swivel cable helps prevent tangling.


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Dolphin™ 2x2 Commercial Auto Cleaner

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    • The unit has 131-feet of cord, caddy, wireless remote control, and a digital power supply with full bag indicator
    • Scrubs any pool up to 120' in length.
    • Features 4, 6, or 8 hour cycle times.
    • Delayed start feature.

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