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  • Fireboat Squirter Pool FloatFireboat Squirter Pool Float


This harbor patrol and rescue boat will always be there to put out any fire or squirt a relaxing sunbather.

Fireboat squirter is big enough for a captain and a first mate and comes with a water gun that never needs refilling.

Made of heavy gauge PVC.

Measures 74.5” x 36” x 33”.


110 Volt Air Pump

SUPER FAST INFLATION! Blow up all your poolside inflatables with this electric powered pump. Plugs into any 110-volt outlet and comes complete with inflation adapters to fit all inflatable necks. Save time this season blowing them up with this inflatable pump!

110 Volt Air Pump

12 Volt Air Pump

Inflate and Deflate Any Float, Toy, or Game Anywhere. Enjoy the convenience of an electric air pump from your vehicle or boat. Quickly inflate or deflate your float, toy, or mattress with this high volume, portable, and lightweight air pump. Plugs into any 12 volt accessory outlet. Includes 10 ft power cord and 2 adapters. .82 PSI. Air flow 1.02 cubic meters per minute.

12 Volt Air Pump

PVC Adhesive

Don't let small leaks and minor tears ruin your fun! Fix pinhole leaks and leaks along the seams of your PVC inflatable with our PVC adhesive and extend the life of your tube or float.
1 oz. PVC adhesive

PVC Adhesive


Arcade Shooter


UFO Spaceship with Squirt Gun

Fireboat Squirter


    • Fireboat squirter is big enough for two children.
    • Measures 74.5” x 36” x 33”.

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