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  • Blast Out® Shock Treatment for PoolsBlast Out® Shock Treatment for Pools




Compare to Sock It, Burn Out®, Sun Burn®, Super-Chlorinator®, and Power Powder®.

This powerful 65% available chlorine zaps organic pollutants, bacteria, and algae.

A quick chlorine boost at an economical price.

Perfect for spring start-up!

Active ingredient: Calcium Hypochlorite.

Must be pre-mixed prior to treatment to avoid bleaching vinyl liners.

Dosage: 1 lb. treats 10,000 gallons.

Size Price Price / lb.
6 x 1 lb Bags $ 48.00 $ 8.00
12 x 1 lb Bags $ 73.00 $ 6.08
24 x 1 lb Bags $ 128.00 $ 5.33

* NOTE: Chemical packaging may vary from images shown. We cannot guarantee type of packaging (i.e. bucket, bag or box).

Did you know?

Those noxious odors, skin irritations, and eye-burning problems are not usually the result of too much chlorine? In fact, there is likely not enough chlorine to oxidize the organic matter. 

For a trouble-free season remember to shock:

  • Once every other week under normal conditions
  • Once a week during prolonged periods of warm weather, heavy rainfall, and heavy bather loads

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Sample Chemical Kit - 3" Chlorine TABS

Blast Out® Shock

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