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Pools - Backyard Fun Kits!
Splash, play get wet and be cool with family and friends.


Relax in your very own above-ground pool, and enjoy the good times. Cool off, exercise or just float away stress in a pool chair, laying in the sun. When you feel that you deserve a break, no need to go far. Pool and Pool Accessory Coupons

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Latest Swimming Pool Blog
  • How to Determine Swimming Pool Volume

    The most important thing to know about your pool is how many gallons it holds. Don't guess! Having the right number is crucial to knowing how much it's going to cost you to fill the pool, what size pump/filter/chemical feeder/heater you need, and the amount of chemicals needed to maintain pool hygiene. Calculate this number incorrectly and it could cost you a pretty penny in equipment repairs/replacements, and could be a real health hazard if you incorrectly add chemicals.

    Pool Volume Calculators

    There are lots of calculators available to help you determine how many gallons your pool holds. Pick one that you like best:

    Pentair Pool Volume Calculator -- Allows for four different pool shapes: rectangular, oblong, circular, and triangular. You will need to know the pool depth at the shallowest end and the deepest end, and the length/width or radius (depending on pool shape).

    Pool1 Pool Gallon Calculator -- Has one calculator for above-ground pools, one for in-ground rectangular pools, and one for in-ground oval pools. For above-ground pools, you will need to know the pool's depth, width, and length. For the in-ground pools, you'll need to know the shallow and deep end depths, the length, and the width.

    Kurtz Water Volume Calculator -- Has two calculators: one for square/rectangular pools and one for round pools. For square/rectangular pools, you will need to know the pool's length, width, and shallow/deep depths. For round pools, you will need to know the deep/shallow depths and the diameter.

    WikiHow Volume in Gallons -- This is not a calculator, but rather walks you through the math you need to do to determine the number of gallons in your pool. For folks who like to do their own math!

    What Other Info Does a Pool Owner Need to Know?

    Glad you asked! Owning a pool requires a fair amount of knowledge in order to maintain it properly and safely. Here's a pretty good list of the things you should know to keep things in good working order (note: it's a PDF).

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