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Monthly Archives: November 2013

  • Holiday Gift Ideas from Poolsandstuff.com

    The holidays are in full swing and there's not much time left to order gifts for your loved ones! Poolsandstuff.com has some really great gift ideas for everyone. With our great discounted prices and free shipping, make us part of your holidays this year!

    Gift Ideas for Everyone

    Holiday Gift Ideas from Poolsandstuff.com

    ProSeries™ 15' Round, 48" Soft-Sided Pool ($650) -- Not even joking. Maybe you live in an area where you can set this up and use it right away, maybe you'd have to wait for the summer to roll back around. Regardless, this easy-to-assemble pool would make a great gift for the family. And the price is ridiculously affordable.

    Shot Kind Sisal Dart Board ($61) -- Did you know we carry in-home games as well? We do! Made of superior grade self-healing sisal fibers, this tournament-style board features a moveable metal number ring so you can easily rotate your board and extend playing life.

    Carmelli™ Hoops Dual Electronic Basketball Game ($254) -- Beat the competition in the comfort of your own home. Unlike other basketball games, this game is built to last with a rugged steel frame and a solid wooden backboard.

    Holiday Gift Ideas from Poolsandstuff.com

    Carmelli® Deluxe Shuffleboard Table ($969) -- Enjoy this pub style shuffleboard table fun in the comfort of your home. Our shuffleboard tables are packed with quality features and are offered in rich cherry or walnut finish.

    Click here to check out our full selection of indoor games, including table tennis tables, air hockey tables, pool tables, and more!

    Click here to check out our full selection of fun winter toys, including really awesome inflatable sledding toys, many of which can also be used in the pool during the summer!

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  • Should You Convert to a Saltwater Pool?

    Should You Convert to a Saltwater Pool?

    The topic of saltwater (or saline) pools versus chlorine pools is one that triggers hot debate among swimming pool enthusiasts. Certainly, there are pros and cons to each. At the end of the day, it's all about your preferences and your family's lifestyle.

    I Don't Even Know What a Saltwater Pool is.

    Everyone is pretty familiar with the traditional chlorine swimming pool, as well as with the red eyes, frizzled hair, and itchy skin the pool chemicals can cause. Saltwater pools are a very different experience, one you should try before you make the decision to convert or not to convert.

    The biggest downside to saltwater pools is that salt creates greater wear and tear on everything in and around the pool. It can also leave a white, dusty residue around the pool area. There are lots of benefits, too. Here are just a few:

    • The water in a saltwater pool feels softer and silkier, making for a luxurious swimming experience.
    • There are no harsh chemicals in the water, so there will be no red eyes or itchy skin after swimming.
    • You'll find that you float more easily in saltwater.
    • It is much easier and cheaper to maintain a clean saltwater pool. No more algae blooms!
    • The annual savings on chemicals and cleaners is considerable.
    • They are environmentally friendly.

    The Saltron Conversion System

    Adding a mild salt solution to your pool changes the salt ions in the the water and, when used in conjunction with a chlorine generator, to sanitizes your pool. Salt levels are nearly undetectable and the concentration is less than in human tears.  A conversion system like the Saltron® system makes switching to saltwater easy, as it retro-fits onto almost any above-ground and in-ground pool up to 20,000 gallons. Constructed of commercial-grade components, its operation is efficient and affordable. It arrives at your home with a power cord and a pool-safe transformer and it can be wired for 110V or 220V. The Saltron® system also comes with a 1-year warranty.

    We offer Saltron Saltwater Chlorine Generators for the low price of $289 with fast and free shipping to the lower 48 states. If you have any questions about saltwater systems, please contact us and we'd be happy to assist you.


  • Pool Safety--Make it a Priority!

    Pool Safety -- Make it a Priority!

    Swimming pools should be fun, but above all else they should be safe. The Center for Disease Control reports that about 10 people die everyday, and two of those people are children aged 14 and under. Most of these deaths occur in residential pools, turning a fun family play area into a scene of tragedy. By taking a few simple precautions and with the aid of a few affordable products, you can greatly decrease the chances of a tragic accident and increase overall pool safety.

    Tips to Maximize Pool Safety

    • Install a fence around the pool area, whether you have an above-ground or in-ground pool. This will prevent people from using the pool without your knowledge and keep small children and animals out. This one step is the priciest on our list, but it alone can be the greatest safety precaution you take.
    • Never leave small children unsupervised in or around the pool, not even for a minute. This is worth repeating: never leave small children unsupervised in or around the pool. This means any child 14 years of age or under. Small children can drown in just seconds, so there should always be an adult who can swim actively supervising.
    • Keep children away from pool filters. The suction may injure them or prevent them from reaching the surface.
    • Be sure all pool users know how to swim. Teach children to swim as early as possible. Children can learn to swim as early as age 1. The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend teaching children before age 1 due to development issues. Teach small children how to get to the nearest steps or where they should go if they accidentally fall in. Supervising adults should absolutely know how to swim.
    • Implement a buddy system: no one swims alone, ever.
    • Don't allow anyone who has been drinking alcohol or is otherwise inebriated to swim in the pool.
    • Never dive into an above-ground pool. Always check the water depth before plunging into an in-ground pool. Obey all pool rules about diving and running.
    • Don’t allow glass containers in the pool area.
    • Keep radios, CD players, blow dryers, and other electrical devices away from the pool.
    • Everyone in the home aged 14 years and older should take basic first aid and CPR training. These are often offered through local community programs. Check your local library for nearby classes.

    Products to Maximize Pool Safety

    • Door alarms, locks, and safety covers create a barrier of protection around the pool. These are all useful in alerting you if a child is trying to get out to the pool area.
    • Keep a secure cover on the pool during the off-season. We carry covers for above-ground pools and in-ground pools.
    • Keep a first aid kit, ring buoys, and reaching poles near the pool in case of emergency.
    • Have very small children wear pool alarms like this Safety Turtle alarm. The moment it is immersed in water, it activates a very loud alarm.
    • Invest in an anti-entrapment system to prevent small children from becoming trapped by drain and filter suction.
    • Have small children wear life vests in the pool.

    If you have any questions or concerns about your pool's safety, give us a call! We'd love to help you find resources and products that will keep you and your family safe.

    * Check out this great site on pool safety: http://www.poolsafely.gov/
  • Pool and Hot Tub Safety Code Reaffirmed

    Pool and Hot Tub Safety Code Reaffirmed

    The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) announced on October 30, 2013, the reaffirmation of American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/APSP/International Code Council (ICC)-8 2005 (Revised 2013) Standard for Model Barrier Code for Residential Swimming Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs. The Standard protects children from accidental drowning by limiting or delaying unintended access to swimming pools and hot tubs through layers of protection.

    The first and most important layer of protection to keep everyone safe around a pool, spa or hot tub is constant, adult supervision. This Standard provides the layer of protection options in easy to understand language and illustrations for the builder, the code official, and the consumer to ensure safe and responsible swimming and soaking. -- APSP Senior Director Technical & Standards Carvin DiGiovanni

    ANSI/APSP/ICC-8 2013 provides the most up-to-date layers of protection for incorporation into national or regional building codes and for adoption by state and local jurisdictions. The Standard contains a complete description of the layers of protection with annotated pictures of their application. The Standard can be purchased and downloaded in the APSP store. For more information about APSP’s standards, parties may contact DiGiovanni at 703-838-0083 Ext. 149.

    At Poolsandstuff.com, we are dedicated to keeping you and your family safe while you enjoy your pool. That's why we stock so many products that will help keep your pool environment safe, including the following:

    Please let us know if you have any questions about the reaffirmed Standard or about pool safety. Happy Swimming!

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