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Monthly Archives: August 2015

  • What are the Benefits of a Saltwater Pool?

    Little Afro girl and friend splashing water in swimming pool

    Anyone who has ever taken a dip in the briny waters of the ocean can attest to the altogether-unique feel of swimming in saltwater. If you've been considering the addition of a new swimming pool to your backyard, it might be worth your time to consider investing in a saltwater swimming pool. More Americans are turning to saltwater pools, but what are the benefits in choosing a saltwater pool compared to a traditional, chlorinated swimming pool?


    First, Understand the Major Difference

    The biggest difference between a traditional, chlorinated swimming pool and a saltwater pool is the method of disinfection. When your traditional swimming pool needs more chlorine to prevent the buildup of contaminants, it is up to you or your pool maintenance service to test chemical levels in the water and add chlorine.

    Saltwater pools rely on a continuous disinfection approach. Most saltwater pools use slightly charged titanium plates to break down the salt in the water, and reform it into hypochlorous acid to disinfect the water on a continuous basis. As the saltwater passes through the titanium plates, a process known as electrolysis dissolves salt into the water to help disinfect the water.


    Gentle on the Skin and Eyes

    If you live in a portion of the country where water softeners are a popular fixture within the home, you're already familiar with the gentle feel of water treated with salt. Saltwater pools create the same sensation as your home water softener. The water feels smoother and silkier to the touch, and is less likely to irritate your skin when used on a regular basis. Additionally, saltwater pools are much less abrasive when your eyes come in direct contact with the water.

    For those who wonder how that is possible, having gotten sea water in their eyes, it's all in the salinity of the water. A saltwater pool doesn't have salinity levels anywhere near that of the ocean, with as little as 1/10 the salinity of ocean water.


    Safer than Chlorine

    Chlorine, whether stored in tablet or liquid form around your home, can be dangerous to store and transport. While the pool itself still produces similar chlorine byproducts through the electrolysis process, it doesn't require you to store chlorine in your home, which could threaten the health of any young children that may come in contact with and accidentally ingest.


    Less Maintenance

    There is no such thing as a maintenance-free pool, so anyone that advertises a saltwater pool as such is just trying to make money through deception. With that said, you'll be able to enjoy your saltwater pool with much less effort on your own part to maintain the systems. Because the electrolysis process uses salt in the water to create the chlorine byproducts that disinfect your pool, you no longer need to check chlorine levels in your pool on a daily or weekly basis and make your own additions to the water to balance levels in the pool.

    All you need to do is check the chlorine levels periodically, with most manufacturers recommending once a month, to ensure that your saltwater disinfection system is working properly.


    If a saltwater pool sounds like it would be right for you and your family, you can check out our selection of saltwater pools and filtration systems or feel free to contact a Pools and Stuff representative anytime!

  • Why a Solar Heater May Be Right for Your Pool


    Now that the long, hot days of summer are coming to an end, and the evenings are starting to cool down, it might be time to consider a pool heater. Not just any pool heater, one that works for you, instead of against you. A solar pool heater is the perfect way to keep your pool’s temperature up on those soon-to-be-regular cool evenings. Pools & Stuff offers a variety of solar heaters that you can use for your pool.

    One great thing about solar heating is that it works to keep you [or in this case, your pool water] warm by circulating the pool’s water through the solar heater. Taking the heat from the sun and using it to heat the water, you are easily saving energy. Even on a cloudy day your solar heater still works as each solar heater absorbs any solar radiation it is exposed to. Despite the lack of sunshine on a cloudy day, you and your solar heater are both still exposed to solar radiation. Just make sure your solar heater isn’t obstructed by plants, sheds, or decks during optimal sunlight hours, because lack of exposure to the sun won’t let it absorb solar radiation. Other than that, your solar heater is bound to absorb the rays and heat that pool up. So even if you’re not seeing much of the sun, don’t forget to lather on that sunscreen before heading out to the pool!

    One of the solar heaters that Pools & Stuff offers is the SolarCurve Solar Heater. This heater works to lower the amount of time it takes to heat your pool and increase the heating capacity by 40% per cycle, at the same time. Wasting energy is not beneficial for anyone, and saving energy can bring down costs of your electric bill by quite a lot.

    People often wonder about the price of solar heaters for their pools. You can purchase many heaters at a relatively low price and because you will have this heater for several years you will be saving money. And you will be able to eliminate excessive pool heating utility costs.

    Another solar heater that Pools & Stuff offers is the Deluxe Solar Bear Above Ground Solar Heater. This solar heater is made of U.V. stabilized, tough polyethylene that is made to last several seasons under direct sunlight so that you can get many years of use out of your solar heater.

    Solar heaters have many positive features, making them a great resource. With low costs and a variety to choose from, you have several different routes you could take when managing the heating for your pool. No matter which solar heater you choose, maintenance will be minimal. Some solar heaters have automatic controllers, which makes handling them even easier. Regardless of whether your heater includes an automatic controller, all you should need to do is check your solar heater at the beginning of each pool season.

    Solar heaters may be the way to go for you and your pool! With simple features, you can easily install these solar heaters yourself, although a representative from Pools & Stuff is always willing to help or answer questions as needed.



  • Why Having Your Own Pool Is the Best Thing Ever!


    Jumping into the cool, blue waters of a pool in the middle of a long, hot summer day is one of the most refreshing feelings! Watching the kids splash around, lounging on your favorite inflatable pool float and tanning in the sun is a great way to spend the day. Having access to a nearby pool is great, but having your own pool is so much better, for so many reasons!

    If you’re like most working families, finding the time to pack up the kids and head to the pool can be hard. By the time the workday has ended and the extra curricular activities are done, the public pool is probably closed up for the night. When you have your own pool you’re able to use it whenever you want. If you have kids and don’t have the time to drive to the pool, you can easily watch them swim out back. If they’re with a babysitter for the day, everyone can swim and at no cost!

    Even during the week, after the workday ends the pool is all yours for a quick swim. Summertime is perfect for night swimming, and is a great way to get in some quick exercise or just relax and wind down at the end of the day.

    Owning your own pool means that you can have as many accessories and toys as you want, without having to worry about them getting lost or stolen at the public pool. Kids have the freedom to toss around the beach ball, play Marco-Polo, or use a bunch of noodles, all while you float around in that lounge chair or raft. At a public pool, you don’t have the ability to bring a bunch of toys or play as many games. The crowded environment makes it a bit harder to lounge or relax in the pool, as you can’t use rafts in public swimming pools and if you have kids you’ll be more focused on where your child is at all times.

    The options are truly endless when you have your own pool! Say goodbye to that icy water; you can heat your pool up a bit for the cooler summer nights or keep the temperature lower when you need to cool off. You can add chlorine as often as you see fit, or even convert it to a salt water pool, either way you won’t be overwhelmed by a highly-chlorinated public pool.

    Depending on the pool or club you choose to belong to, the membership fees can be pretty pricey. Is it really worth it when you’re only getting to the pool once a week because of their hours? Cut the cost! The initial cost of purchasing your own pool, will quickly be outweighed by the savings you’ll recognize by not having a club membership. Plus, there’s no gas needed; your pool is right in your backyard!

    Whether you enjoy swimming laps to get your exercise in, or need a place for the kids to expend some energy, having your own pool, with unlimited access has lots of perks!



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