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Monthly Archives: May 2019

  • 5 Reasons to invest into above ground pools

    Why people like Hollywood movies
    so much? Not just because of the great story line or famous actors, but also
    because of the chic and wealthy life style that is represented in most of the
    films. A part of an American dream is to have a nice house and preferably with
    huge outdoors swimming pool. When the first dream comes true and you become an
    owner of a lovely house, the question of whether you should build a swimming
    pool or not arises. In the beginning of your research, you will already meet
    the first obstacle, which is the high price of a swimming pool. The prices of
    inground pools vary between $25000 and $75000, which is indeed a big deal.
    Perhaps this is the right time to consider your options and postpone your dream
    to the better times. But the fact is, there is a solution! Above ground pools
    for sale are flexible, affordable and fun. To help you make your choice, we
    have prepared a list of advantages that above ground pool will bring along.

    1. Affordable

    The price always influences the
    decision, so keeping in mind that above ground pools are sold starting from few
    hundreds to $5000 really makes a huge difference. When the inground pool is a
    serious investment, the above ground one can be afforded at lower prices.

    • Flexible
      in use

    Unfortunately, not all the
    counties have summer all-year-long, which means that swimming pool can be used
    only for one season. In that case, when inground pools cannot be removed, above
    ground pools can be uninstalled relatively easy. That will save maintenance
    cost and you will enjoy swimming only when the weather is right.

    • Easy

    The time and effort required for
    setting up an above ground pool depends on the material, size and depth of the
    pool. However, some of the models available on the market require only your own
    assistance without investing into contractors, who will perform this job for

    • Different
      sizes available

    The flexibility of above ground
    pool is also a huge advantage to consider. As in some models of such pools the
    size and depth are adjustable, it makes it easier to make changes in case you
    need to have smaller pool for your kids, so that they can play on their own, or
    bigger one for yourself, when you feel like swimming laps.

    • Can
      be resold

    The last but not least, is the
    fact that a pool can bring you a lot of fun at some point in life, but it can
    also become harder to maintain or less used with time. Inground pool will be in
    your garden forever, which means that you won’t be able to rearrange your space
    in the garden. If you decide to plant more trees, for instance, your options
    will be limited as your free space is. On the other hand, an above ground pool
    can be uninstalled and resold at a very decent price.

    To draw a line, if you consider buying
    a swimming pool, an above ground pool will be a great choice for those, who
    value time, money and flexibility.

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