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  • The Perfect Pool Party

    Five young friends in swimming pool playing and smiling
    Summer always means lots of fun in the sun, and of course time spent at the pool! Whether you want to throw a small get-together with some family or a larger party with a bunch of friends, there are some great tips here to help you have the perfect, safe and fun summer pool party with guests of all ages.


    Safety First!: A child’s safety is most important, especially when it comes to swimming. An easy and cute way to help make sure all kids are safe at your pool party is to fill your pool with lots of noodles. Kids can use noodles in games and activities in the pool, but they also keep kids afloat and allows them to take a bit of a break from swimming and rest by sitting on them. Keep a bucket or basket near the pool with some extra noodles in it for when you throw a big party and some life vests or arm floaters too. This allows younger children to go in the pool without a parent in the water, but still have adult supervision.


    Fun & Floating: From tubes to chaises to sofas --- you are not going to want to miss out on these perfect and comfy loungers that you can get for your pool party. After a bit, many people get tired of treading water or even standing around. These comfy mats allow you to relax, even with a drink on a chaise under the sun with friends at the party. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes allowing you to pick the right ones for your pool so that you keep it comfortable and not crowded.


    Organization is Key: With a crowded party you want to keep the stuff organized. In addition to a bucket or basket with some great safety tools, like life vests and noodles, be sure to store the toys that you’re not using at the time in an organization pouch. Pools & Stuff offers multiple pool organizers, including one with a hamper. These organizers will minimize the clutter in and around the pool and prevent items from getting lost or tripped over.


    Sun & Sports: When neighborhood kids are over and swimming around, a great way to keep them active and entertained is with water sports. With an easily installed basketball hoop or volleyball net for the pool, kids have lots of options of what to do at your pool party. Additional games like shootball or accessories like the Mermaid Swim Fin can be fun for younger children, both boys and girls. All of these accessories can be easily removed when adults want to hang out in the water, too.


    With lots of options of fun things to add to your home, your pool party is bound to be perfect! As always, feel free to search our website for more accessories to bring fun into your party. You can also contact your local Pools and Stuff with any questions or concerns.


  • Buying Pools: Above-Ground or In-Ground?

    Above Ground Pool

    Whether you are installing a new pool in your backyard or remodeling an existing pool, there are a number of options available as you look to invest in a new pool. The biggest decision you'll face when buying pools is whether to select an above-ground or in-ground pool. In this post, we'll “dive” into the details of both, analyzing which pool is right for your budget, your family, and your home.

    The Case for In-Ground Pools

    When purchasing a new pool, the natural instinct for most is to go with an in-ground model. An in-ground swimming pool is permanently installed on your property and can add value to your home, especially if you live in a warm climate where your family and future homeowners can get a lot of use out of the pool. This type of pool also adds to the overall landscaping and appearance of your property by providing a water feature that is pleasing to the eye.

    Unfortunately, in-ground pools come with a significant financial investment upfront to clear space, set the foundation, and install the required water, pump, and electrical connections for the system to operate properly. Add to that the yearly costs associated with cleaning, operating, and refilling your pool (as a result of evaporation), and you have an investment that requires yearly expenses to continue enjoying.

    Drifting back to the positive for a moment though, in-ground pools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with multiple options for customization. Add water features in the pool, custom tile linings, waterslides, and diving boards. Your dreams and budget are the only limitations.

    The Case for Above-Ground Pools

    First and foremost, above-ground pools require a significantly lower upfront investment than an in-ground model. An above-ground pool can be purchased and installed within a matter of days, allowing your family to enjoy the pool without waiting weeks or months for the installation process to be completed. Most above-ground pools come in prefabricated kits that can be put together by an installation team in just two or three days.

    Additionally, you can purchase decking and rails to go around the outside of the pool, adding space around the pool's edge and safety features that help protect younger children from accidents.

    While above ground pools do not add as much value to a home as an in-ground pool, buyers experience major cost savings up front on preparation and installation. There are no extra costs to operate an above ground pool and they are almost as customizable as an in-ground pool with all the decking and accessories available these days.

    Buying pools is a tough process. As you are looking at pools for sale, don't allow the excitement of the purchase to cloud your judgment. It is important to keep your current budget, available space, and long-term interest in a pool in mind before making any decision. Following these basic guidelines for both types of pools for sale, you should be able to make an informed decision about which type of pool is better for you and your family.

    If you are interested in purchasing a pool for your home, or have any questions about which model is right for you, give us a call, we’re happy to help!

  • How to Replace an Above-Ground Pool Liner

    replacing an above ground pool liner Our Bermuda above ground pool is pretty great.

    The lifespan of your pool depends on the condition of its liner. This is why it's important to inspect the liner every year. Eventually, you will need to replace it. Don't be daunted! It's really not so bad.

    Our overall advice: hire a professional to replace the liner. It will cost you a little, but if you shop around you'll find that the cost isn't so bad. Just make sure you get someone who has the licenses and qualifications to perform the job. Always look for reviews and recommendations!

    But if you really, really want to do it yourself ... it's not so bad. Set aside a big block of time, get together the materials, enlist someone to help you, and follow our guide:

    Replacing an Above-Ground Pool Liner

    Before proceeding, measure and then re-measure the pool, then order the new liner. Try to avoid buying cheaper liners--the short-term savings may be attractive, but they may end up costing you more down the road. The thicker the liner the more durable it tends to be. Also consider investing in a liner guard to protect the liner from punctures or tears.

    • Drain all the water from the pool.
    • Remove all hung ladders and any other equipment that obstructs the liner area. Also remove all face plates, gaskets, lights, and etc. from the interior of the pool. Use this opportunity to inspect this hardware for cracks or wear that may indicate it needs replacement.
    • Remove hardware on the top end of the pool: seat clamps, ledges, top plates, the top rail, and etc.
    • Now for the fun stuff: remove the old liner. You may need to use a razor knife to cut the liner into smaller pieces.
    • Inspect the pool base and cove. Repair any unevenness or wash outs with masonry sand.
    • Remove duct tape from the wall bolt seam and re-tape it with fresh tape.
    • Sweep the inside of the pool thoroughly to ensure there are no pebbles or debris. Check for any sharp edges that might tear the new liner and either remove, file down, or tape over them.
    • Unroll the new liner in a clear, sunny area. The warmth helps the liner stretch during installation. Be sure to follow any instructions that came with the liner.
    • Seal the skimmer area with cardboard using duct tape on the outside of the pool wall. Also seal the water return and lighting holes with duct tape on the outside of the pool wall. Then insert 2 feet of a shop vacuum hose through the cardboard that covering the skimmer area. Duct tape it on until well sealed. Reinspect all the duct tape seals--they need to be really good seals!
    • Re-inspect the pool bottom and remove all debris--even the tiniest pebble can cause damage to your new liner!
    • Clip two wooden clothes pins to each upright.
    • Get some help with this next part to ensure you don't damage the new liner: Fold the new liner in half and place it in the pool. Unfold it carefully--you should be able to do this from outside the pool.
    • Pull the liner up over the wall about 6 inches and attach to the pool wall with the clothes pins. Now you want to evenly and carefully pull the liner further over the wall, removing and reclipping the pins as needed, until about 15 inches of the liner folds over the pool wall.
    • With a light touch, brush and tap the liner toward the walls. Inspect and adjust the liner as needed. Double check that the bottom seam is even all around the perimeter of the pool.
    • Attach a shop vac to the hose you previously attached to the cardboard in the skimmer area. Turn it on. It will suck the air out of the liner area. You want to release the liner as evenly as possible as it tightens by releasing and re-attaching the clothes pins as needed. Continue to gently brush and tap the liner toward the wall around the entire pool to remove wrinkles. Proceed in this fashion until the liner is seated and even with no wrinkles. If there are persistent wrinkles, shut off the vacuum and start over by reclipping the liner to the wall. Don't cheat!
    • Once the liner is set and wrinkle-free, begin filling the pool with water WITHOUT shutting off the vacuum. Fill until there is about 1 foot of water in the pool. Now you can shut off the vac.
    • Re-install all face plates and gaskets. Use your fingers to find the holes they used to go into and use a sharp awl to carefully puncture that area. With a sharp razor knife, carefully cut out the liner from the skimmer and light areas and remove all of your duct tape seals.
    • Finish filling the pool with water. Hook up the filtration system and pool accessories. Add your pool chemicals and you're done!


    It is super important that there be no wrinkles because wrinkles trap debris, make vacuuming the pool difficult, and they will eventually cause tears in the lining, greatly diminishing the lifespan of the liner and the pool itself.

    To clean the liner, you don't need to empty the pool. In fact, doing so can cause the liner to shrink or crack.


    This guide is for above ground overlap vinyl liners without deep ends. If your pool has a variation in depth, please seek a professional's help in replacing your liner.

    Above Ground Pool Installation Videos

    Have an in-ground pool? Check out our guide on in-ground pool liners here.

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  • The Health Benefits of Swimming


    We hope that everyone reading this resolved to swim more in 2014! Swimming is both fun and a very good exercise. Swimming is a unique exercise because it allows you to work your body without the harsh impacts to your skeletal system that you find in running or jogging. The human body becomes very light in water: in waist-deep water, your body bears only 50% of its weight. In chest-deep water, your body bears only 25-35% of its weight. In neck-deep water, you bear merely 10% of your own weight. Since the water supports the rest, your body is free to move without stress on joints or bones, making for a more gentle workout.

    So you know the pool is a great place to exercise, but what exactly is that exercise doing for your body? The health benefits of swimming are almost too many for one article, but we're going to do it anyway:

    Provides Relief From Arthritic Pain

    Water's amazing supportive ability means that the pool is the perfect place to workout if you're overweight or suffer from arthritis. The Arthritis Foundation recommends that those who suffer from arthritis should stretch muscles, strengthen muscles, and perform aerobic workouts. Swimming combines all three into one activity.

    Builds Muscle Strength and Tone

    Water is about 12 times as dense as air, so every movement in water becomes a resistance exercise. Resistance exercises are known to be the best way to develop muscle strength and tone. In one study, men who participated in an 8-week swimming program saw a 23.8% increase in their triceps (the muscle at the back of the arm).

    Improves Bone Strength

    The resistance exercise provided by swimming also helps improve bone strength. The benefits of swimming on bone strength are especially notable in post-menopausal women who are highly susceptible to osteoporosis.

    Encourages Muscle Flexibility

    The broad range of motions that are possible and involved in swimming encourage joints and ligaments to become and remain loose and flexible. Additionally, swimming strokes lengthen the body, stretching muscles repeatedly from head to toe, developing elasticity in muscle tissue.

    Improves Heart Strength and Efficiency

    Aerobic exercise, also known as "cardio", is known to strengthen the heart. It helps make the heart larger and also improves pumping efficiency. This results in increased blood flow throughout the body. In one study, sedentary men and women participated in swim training for 12 weeks and at the end saw their maximal oxygen consumption improve 10% and the amount of blood pumped with each heartbeat improved by as much as 18%.

    Can Lower and Control Weight

    As a general rule, for every 10 minutes of swimming, the average person burns 60 calories doing the breast stroke, 80 calories doing the backstroke, 100 calories swimming freestyle, and 150 calories doing the butterfly stroke. And because of the low-impact nature of exercising in water, it's easy to workout for longer periods of time.

    Relieves Asthma Symptoms

    Swimming is done, by necessity, in a moist environment, which helps alleviate exercise-induced asthma symptoms. For regular asthma sufferers, swimming can actually improve the condition overall. In one study, children who completed a 6-week swimming program saw improvements in the severity of their asthma symptoms, snoring, mouth-breathing, and experienced reduced hospitalizations and emergency room visits. Even more impressive, these health benefits were still apparent a year after the program ended.

    Swimming regularly can increase lung volume and teach proper breathing techniques, both beneficial to asthma sufferers.

     Lengthens Life Expectancy

    It's true! Swimming regularly can lengthen the span of your years. In a huge study of over 40,000 men aged 20-90 over the course of 32 years, those that swam had a 50% lower death rate than runners, walkers, or sedentary men. It's believed that the results would be similar for women. And because swimming is such a great exercise for older people, regular swimmers experience good health for longer than those who don't swim.

    With a list of health benefits like this, who wouldn't want to go swimming? Make it your New Year's resolution and have a safe, healthy 2014. Happy swimming!

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