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The Perfect Pool Party

Five young friends in swimming pool playing and smiling
Summer always means lots of fun in the sun, and of course time spent at the pool! Whether you want to throw a small get-together with some family or a larger party with a bunch of friends, there are some great tips here to help you have the perfect, safe and fun summer pool party with guests of all ages.


Safety First!: A child’s safety is most important, especially when it comes to swimming. An easy and cute way to help make sure all kids are safe at your pool party is to fill your pool with lots of noodles. Kids can use noodles in games and activities in the pool, but they also keep kids afloat and allows them to take a bit of a break from swimming and rest by sitting on them. Keep a bucket or basket near the pool with some extra noodles in it for when you throw a big party and some life vests or arm floaters too. This allows younger children to go in the pool without a parent in the water, but still have adult supervision.


Fun & Floating: From tubes to chaises to sofas --- you are not going to want to miss out on these perfect and comfy loungers that you can get for your pool party. After a bit, many people get tired of treading water or even standing around. These comfy mats allow you to relax, even with a drink on a chaise under the sun with friends at the party. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes allowing you to pick the right ones for your pool so that you keep it comfortable and not crowded.


Organization is Key: With a crowded party you want to keep the stuff organized. In addition to a bucket or basket with some great safety tools, like life vests and noodles, be sure to store the toys that you’re not using at the time in an organization pouch. Pools & Stuff offers multiple pool organizers, including one with a hamper. These organizers will minimize the clutter in and around the pool and prevent items from getting lost or tripped over.


Sun & Sports: When neighborhood kids are over and swimming around, a great way to keep them active and entertained is with water sports. With an easily installed basketball hoop or volleyball net for the pool, kids have lots of options of what to do at your pool party. Additional games like shootball or accessories like the Mermaid Swim Fin can be fun for younger children, both boys and girls. All of these accessories can be easily removed when adults want to hang out in the water, too.


With lots of options of fun things to add to your home, your pool party is bound to be perfect! As always, feel free to search our website for more accessories to bring fun into your party. You can also contact your local Pools and Stuff with any questions or concerns.


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