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Monthly Archives: March 2019

  • Pools that you have always dreamt of.

    2014 swimming pool trends

    Have you ever thought of gifting yourself and your family a
    fun and easily manageable pool to dive in and explore the fun side of yours? We
    have got all the types of pools that can disconnect you from real-world worries
    and make some quality happy time with your family.   

    Traditional underground pools are expensive to construct and
    maintain and cannot be found or built everywhere. It takes a huge investment to
    begin with and monthly budget allocation is also needed to cater it needs. This
    confines the dreams of many people to have their own pool at the backyard and
    the chances of fulfilling it in the mere future are also not huge in numbers.
    In those cases, if you are one among those people who are still dreaming or
    struggling to find a way to make this happen, we have got everything you

    Taking pooling experience to new heights. 

    Our durable and budget-friendly above ground pools are
    packed with many perks that will impress you at the very first sight. Our
    models can be installed very quick and you don't need to wait for a long time
    to see it getting unfold. These are not a fixed thing and when you are planning
    for a family vacation, it will be all time ready to get packed and easily fit
    into your car luggage space. They are entirely safe, and you can leave your
    children, keeping your worries aside.   

    Most important perk you never fail to get impressed is
    maintenance! Our above ground pools are highly flexible which allows you to fix
    it by yourself in minimal time in case of minor leakages etc. It also comes
    with different shapes and dimensions to give you a whole lot of choices to
    choose from. No matter how big your family is, we have all kind of pools to
    cater to your expectations.

    Satisfaction comes at a small price. 

    Our products are constructed with industry-leading standards
    to leave you with nothing but, full of satisfaction. These products come with
    warranty coverage period to add up more convenience and trustability. Guess
    what? A modern and durable above ground pool is nearly 20 times cheaper than
    constructing a traditional in-ground pool.   

    Without weighing or periodically depending on your wallets,
    these above ground pools are a great deal to steal and what next? You have your
    one of the most awaited and longed dream coming in front of you and stays with
    you on all your happiest moments.  

    Your happy times are awaiting! 

    With so much of impressive features and an attractive price
    listing, never feel like thinking twice to get one for your family. Small
    things always contribute a lot and we are consistently striving to stand by it
    by giving impressive and long-lasting products to satisfy every potential
    audience of ours.  

    Do check out our range of products exclusively designed for
    you and your family with our aim to bring back and build so many happy
    memories. We consider this as a chance to serve you by making you purchase
    something that you won't regret any day.

  • 7 Things to Keep in Mind when Shopping for Above Ground Pools

    Let’s face it; above ground pools
    are dime a dozen in the market today. In fact, here at Pools N Stuff, we carry
    a huge selection of top-notch above ground pools, including Blue Lagoon,
    Belize, Samoan, Riviera, soft-sided pools, and so much more. With all these
    amazing options, you are certainly spoilt for choice.

    It’s all about knowing what you actually
    need from your swimming pools, whether luxury, elegance, functionality,
    affordability, etc. In this post, we’ve put together 7 must-know things when
    choosing the right above ground pools for your home, your style, and your

    (1) What your Ideal Shape?

    Swimming pools come in a vast
    variety of shapes. While you can find oddly shaped ones, most above ground
    pools come in oval, round, square or rectangle shapes. The thing is that the
    shape of your pool can make a huge difference. For instance, if you intended to
    use your pool to relax, hang out or swim recreationally, any shape can do the
    trick. However, if you fancy exercising using your pool, you probably want to
    stick with rectangular swimming pools.

    (2) Size

    When choosing how big your pool
    should be, think about how many persons are most likely to use it at the same
    time. How big is your family? Do you foresee that you'll have a big crowd using
    your pool frequently?

    (3) Your Budget

    How much can you afford? It’s a
    no-brainer to stick to above ground pools that are within your budget. The good
    news is that Pool N Stuff has an above ground pool for every personality and
    budget, ranging from sub-$300 to $10,000.

    (4) Ease of Installation

    If you’re planning to install the
    pool on your own, you might want to find out if it’s easy to set it up before
    buying it. You’d hate to take everything out of the box only to realize that
    you cannot set it up on your own.

    (5) Safety of the Pool

    Above ground pools are generally
    safe for everyone. However, it pays to check if the swimming pools you intend
    to choose from are safe for your loved ones, especially if you have kids.

    (6) Warranty

    At Pool N Stuff, we deliver
    best-in-class swimming pools, and we stand by our products. That’s why we offer
    a lifetime warranty for all our above ground pools so you can enjoy extra peace
    of mind. Well, if a company doesn’t provide you with a warranty, stay away from
    their swimming pools.

    (7) Which Type is best for you?

    As mentioned earlier, there are
    several different types of above ground pools, with metal frame and easy set
    pools being the most common ones. The metal frame above ground pools are more
    durable, hold more water, and sturdier than easy set pools because they are
    fitted with steel bars.

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