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Why a Solar Heater May Be Right for Your Pool


Now that the long, hot days of summer are coming to an end, and the evenings are starting to cool down, it might be time to consider a pool heater. Not just any pool heater, one that works for you, instead of against you. A solar pool heater is the perfect way to keep your pool’s temperature up on those soon-to-be-regular cool evenings. Pools & Stuff offers a variety of solar heaters that you can use for your pool.

One great thing about solar heating is that it works to keep you [or in this case, your pool water] warm by circulating the pool’s water through the solar heater. Taking the heat from the sun and using it to heat the water, you are easily saving energy. Even on a cloudy day your solar heater still works as each solar heater absorbs any solar radiation it is exposed to. Despite the lack of sunshine on a cloudy day, you and your solar heater are both still exposed to solar radiation. Just make sure your solar heater isn’t obstructed by plants, sheds, or decks during optimal sunlight hours, because lack of exposure to the sun won’t let it absorb solar radiation. Other than that, your solar heater is bound to absorb the rays and heat that pool up. So even if you’re not seeing much of the sun, don’t forget to lather on that sunscreen before heading out to the pool!

One of the solar heaters that Pools & Stuff offers is the SolarCurve Solar Heater. This heater works to lower the amount of time it takes to heat your pool and increase the heating capacity by 40% per cycle, at the same time. Wasting energy is not beneficial for anyone, and saving energy can bring down costs of your electric bill by quite a lot.

People often wonder about the price of solar heaters for their pools. You can purchase many heaters at a relatively low price and because you will have this heater for several years you will be saving money. And you will be able to eliminate excessive pool heating utility costs.

Another solar heater that Pools & Stuff offers is the Deluxe Solar Bear Above Ground Solar Heater. This solar heater is made of U.V. stabilized, tough polyethylene that is made to last several seasons under direct sunlight so that you can get many years of use out of your solar heater.

Solar heaters have many positive features, making them a great resource. With low costs and a variety to choose from, you have several different routes you could take when managing the heating for your pool. No matter which solar heater you choose, maintenance will be minimal. Some solar heaters have automatic controllers, which makes handling them even easier. Regardless of whether your heater includes an automatic controller, all you should need to do is check your solar heater at the beginning of each pool season.

Solar heaters may be the way to go for you and your pool! With simple features, you can easily install these solar heaters yourself, although a representative from Pools & Stuff is always willing to help or answer questions as needed.



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