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8 Steps to Get Your Pool Ready for Summer Swimming



Now that the coldest days of winter are finally behind us (hopefully) and the world is turning green again, it is time to think about the hot days of summer and the pool in your back yard. Whether you have a huge in-ground swimming pool or a smaller above-ground one, you will no doubt enjoy many summer days and nights swimming, hanging out with friends and just having fun with your family.

Getting your pool off to a great start now will mean less maintenance and more fun later. Here are eight steps you can take today to get your pool ready for swimming season tomorrow.


1. Drain and Remove the Pool Cover

Drain as much water as you can from the pool cover, then carefully remove it and set it aside. Clean the pool cover carefully before storing it. A clean pool cover will last longer and be more durable.


2. Add Water as Needed

You probably lost a good deal of water to evaporation over the winter months. Now is the time to bring the level back up to normal. Use a hose to fill your pool to its normal level.


3. Reconnect the Pool Equipment

After the water level is back to normal, you can reconnect the equipment you disconnected for the winter season. That includes your pump, filter, heater and anything else that you normally use on your in-ground or above-ground pool.


4. Remove the Winter Plugs and Reattach Your Drain Plugs

You will need to remove the winterizing plugs you used in your pump, filter, heater and pool cleaner over the colder months. Store those winterizing plugs in a safe place and put your regular drain plugs back where they belong.


5. Clear the Pool Antifreeze from Your Drain Lines

If you used pool antifreeze during the winter months, you will need to discharge it before getting your pool ready for summer. Be sure to discharge the antifreeze safely and dispose of it properly.


6. Check Your Skimmer and Return Lines for Winterizing Plugs

Do not forget to remove any winterizing plugs from your return lines and skimmers. You will want to wait until all of the pool antifreeze has been properly discharged before removing these winterizing plugs.


7. Begin Turning Your Pool Equipment Back On

After the antifreeze has been discharged and the winterizing plugs removed, you can start turning your equipment back on. You will want to prime the pump and start the circulation and filtration system to keep your pool clean. You will also want to open the relief valve on your filter (if it has one) and bleed any extra air from the system.


8. Test Your Water Chemistry and Make Changes as Needed

The next step is taking a sample of your water and testing its chemistry. Even if your pool chemistry was in perfect shape when you closed up for the season, you will probably need to make a few adjustments. You can use a home test kit to determine the pH and other values, and feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about testing your pool’s chemistry.


When you first saw pools for sale, you dreamed of having such an oasis in your back yard. Now that you have your own pool in place, it is time to care for it properly so you can enjoy it for a long time!

If you have any further questions about how to get your pool ready for the warm weather ahead, contact us today!




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