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Winter: The Perfect Time to Pool Shop


Whether you spent the morning shoveling snow, have just come to the realization that you need to get yourself in better physical shape, or want more opportunities for family fun, adding an above ground pool to your backyard makes for the ideal solution.

Unfortunately, many of us spend the cold weather months hibernating – and eating fattening foods. Unless you are consistently committed to a workout schedule, the opportunity to wear bulkier clothes and the tendency to remain indoors can add up to some winter weight gain.

Swimming for a healthy life is one of the easiest ways to tone and shape your body. 

  • Going to the gym does not suit everyone’s style or schedule
  • Running in your own neighborhood is a tremendous way to get in shape, but asphalt is harsh on your knees
  • Personal trainers are expensive

A backyard swimming pool is an investment that will far outlast your gym membership.

While we certainly recommend consulting with your physician before beginning any kind of exercise program, you can simply and steadily swim your way to a healthier you.

  • You are naturally buoyant in the water so you are not stressing your body unnecessarily
  • Swimming works all the muscles in unison so you maximize your workout time with a more comprehensive training session
  • Swimming is one of the finest types of cardiovascular exercises
  • When you are finished doing your laps, you can slip onto a float and relax while you rehydrate with plenty of water
  • You can enjoy a private workout session because you are not contending with someone else swimming by, nor are you waiting to use one of the gym’s weight resistance machines

Getting Started

The biggest misstep people make with any type of workout regimen (including pool exercise) is they set unrealistic goals.

  • Every person has different capabilities and strengths; so start small, but be consistent
  • Participating in cardiovascular exercise 3-5 times per week for 20 minutes at a time is a great beginner’s target
  • Try starting with 15 minutes twice weekly and then build by adding another day or by increasing your minutes

The longer you exercise, the more you are going to want to as you will find you are looking better, feeling better, and de-stressing. A pool is not just for relaxation; it is your way to physical fitness.



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