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  • The Affordable, Versatile Above-Ground Pool


    Above-ground soft-sided pools have become increasingly popular recently due to the combination of easy installation and low cost. With improved strength and durability, they make a great economical option for families seeking an instant improvement to their backyard entertainment space. The average family can assemble a soft-side pool in just an hour and move it as often as needed without damage to any of the parts.

    Soft-sided pools come in different shapes, including round and rectangular. These pools can also vary in depth and size, making it easy for homeowners to find one that fits their needs. The pools can be placed on any surface--including grass, dirt, concrete, sand, or gravel--and have liners that are extremely durable and puncture resistant. They can, in some instances, even be placed on uneven ground without issue, although level ground is always the best choice.

    Soft-sided pools usually come with a pump, pool cleaning kit, and ladder. They can last several years or more with proper care and cleaning. In cold climates, these pools may degrade slightly faster due to exposure to ice and snow, but they are still a very durable and affordable option for a backyard pool. Pro-Series makes a great selection of soft-sided above ground pools that are a great quality and built to last. Check out the many styles and options at PoolsAndStuff.com. Compared to Intex® brand pools, Pro-Series soft-side pools offer great value and features.

    Pro-Series offers a powerful surface skimmer that helps remove leaves and has a removable built-in skimmer basket for easy cleaning. It also includes a pump and filter system that attaches to the side wall, keeping it out of the way and safe.

    If you a looking for great quality, check out our Premier Soft-Side Pool models, made in the USA.

    With all the benefits of above ground pools including low cost, portability, ease of installation, many features and options, as well as easy maintenance, soft-sided pools might be the perfect option for your family. Visit our website for more details and an amazing selection of soft-sided pools to fit your needs and style. We also offer free shipping in the 48 states.

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