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  • Making Your Pool Eco-Friendly

    poolsandstuff.comFinding green and eco-friendly ways to live is the norm these days. There is always a way to make everything in your life more Eco-conscious, and your swimming pool is no different. Here are just four ways to make your pool more Eco-friendly:

    1. Upgrade Your Pool Pump. If you have a one-speed pool pump, you can switch to a variable-speed pool pump model. Despite being a higher initial upfront cost, these models run more efficiently and allow owners to see a 30 to 70 percent savings on electricity within the first month. These pumps can be programmed to run at lower speeds for circulation and a higher speed for the cleaning cycle. Or you can have them run at a low speed all day and night to help circulate the water during hot weather temperatures.

    2. Switch to LED Pool Lights. New LED lighting for your pool not only provides superior brightness and appearance, but is also 80% more efficient than standard lighting. Combine superior style with energy saving efficiency at the same time. (And while you're at it, consider changing to LED lighting inside your home, too.)

    3. Heat for Cheap. Supplement your pool heating system with solar power. Retain the heat in your pool’s water with proper pool covers or pool solar blankets. Remember that keeping a warm pool uncovered on a cool night is like leaving your refrigerator open all day.

    4. A Smarter Filter. Many new cartridge style pool filter systems are simpler to operate and last for several seasons. Not having to replace sand each year not only saves time and money, it also saves the environment. Also, these filter systems are so efficient they require filtration less often, saving even more energy (and the environment!).

    These are just a few of the ways you can enjoy your swimming pool and keep an eye out for the environment at the same time. So what are you waiting for? Dive in and check out the latest in pool accessories today!

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