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  • Getting Ahead By Going Above

    Above-ground pools are making a comeback due to their many benefits. With new innovations in the above-ground pool market and all the exciting bonuses of purchasing this type of pool, people are looking towards them more and more to satisfy their desire to have sensational swimming in their own backyard. Here are some benefits and highlights to purchasing an above-ground pool instead of in-ground pool.

    The benefits include:

    Cost - The major benefit of an above-ground pool is the lower cost. When compared to an in-ground pool, the savings is many thousands of dollars. Also, in-ground pools add to the value of your home and cause your home to be assessed at a higher rate, increasing your property taxes. This is typically not an issue with an above-ground pool since it is not a permanent addition to a home.

    Portability - The portability of an above-ground pool is also a major benefit. You can relocate the pool if you redesign your backyard landscape or want it in a sunnier location, or take it with you if you purchase a new home. Above-ground pools offer many size options to fit your needs. You can also take them down after summer to allow the use of your full yard during winter or the off-season, if needed.

    Ease of Installation - The installation of an above-ground pool is simple and painless compared to the long process of installing an in-ground pool. Instead of tearing apart the backyard, above-ground pools can be installed in less than a day with minimal intrusion to current backyard landscaping.

    Similar Features - Above-ground pools come with many different features and accessories including diving boards, steps, slides, and more. They come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate a huge crowd or small family. Enjoying your backyard pool is equally as rewarding above-ground as it is in-ground.

    Safer Option - Depending on how you set up the above-ground pool, it is typically more difficult for small children or pets to fall in. You can remove the ladder when the pool is not in use, making it nearly impossible to enter and making it a safer alternative to in-ground setups. There are also a full range of safety ladders for above-ground pools. Some have a flip up ladder, some have locking gates, and more.

    Easier Maintenance - Despite still needing chemicals and a filter, above-ground pools are smaller than in-ground pools and require fewer chemicals and less water. Also, above-ground pool heating options can be cheaper as well.

    Pool season is slowing down in many parts of the country, making this the perfect time to start thinking about the next pool season. There are many benefits to consider when deciding between an in-ground or above-ground pool. Look at all of your options and weigh the benefits to help you make the best decision for your new pool.

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