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  • The Benefits of Converting Your Pool to Saltwater


    Due to media coverage surrounding environmental chemicals and how they affect health and the body, many people are decreasing the amount of chemicals they are exposed to and have made changes in various areas of their lives to achieve this.  Converting your pool to a saltwater pool is a great option for those who fall into this camp.  These setups are virtually chemical-free and offer more benefits than chlorine.

    There are some basic differences between a saltwater pool and a conventional chlorine-based pool.  Saltwater pools use a system like a Saltron Chlorine Generator to change the saltwater ions into chlorine to help sanitize your pool. The salt solution in the pool water is virtually undetectable and its concentration is less than that of human tears.  A Saltron system also has fewer odors, a more neutral smell, and tends to be less harsh on your skin and eyes.

    Saltwater pools have far less salt content than the ocean, but the same great benefits, including those that help your skin, stress levels, and overall health.  Swimming in saltwater is cleansing and will leave your skin feeling smooth and supple.  It increases moisture retention, rejuvenates the skin by detoxifying, and promotes cellular regeneration.  Saltwater also reduces the inflammation of joints and muscles, leaving your body relaxed and stress free.  The minerals in saltwater also offer health benefits.  The potassium present in saltwater is beneficial because your blood needs it after exercise. Magnesium helps in making your nervous system healthy. The sodium in saltwater keeps your body's fluid balance in check. The calcium helps in keeping your bones and teeth healthy.

    PoolsAndStuff.com carries many great saltwater pool options.  We have a standalone Saltron unit that you can add to any pool and two dark blue Premier pools that can be used with saltwater.  Visit PoolsAndStuff.com to check out all the available options.

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